It is vital for cold storage units to be compact yet with abundant storage capacities because cold storage footage, as it is, quite expensive. Compact storage is critical because cold goods help keep adjacent goods cold, thus reducing energy costs.

For this reason, Manual and Powered Mobile Pallet racks, Mobile Compactors serve the purpose very well. Drive-in racks also are excellent choices for cold storage pallet racking, because these racks can handle high volume, provide high storage densities and in turn minimizes cold loss. Both rack types help maintain temperatures in cold storage by enabling dense storage of products with minimum spoilage.

Our cold storage products include:

  • Mobile Compactors
  • Drive in racks
  • Manual Mobile racks
  • Powered Mobile racks

Our experienced team understands the requirements of a cold storage operation and can help you select the best cold storage pallet racking system for your facility.