E commerce demands fast and accurate delivery from their e-commerce vendors. So e-commerce warehouse racking systems must enable fast, accurate picking. To improve picking productivity, it’s best to store popular items close together, breaking down bulk packs into smaller quantities stored in bins or totes near the packing area. E-commerce warehouse racking systems permit dense storage of small quantities of many different parts.

To minimize the travel distance for picking, e-commerce warehouse storage racks frequently are multiple-bays high to optimize the use of vertical space. Automatic storage and retrieval systems often make sense for e-commerce warehouses since they allow a large variety of items in a compact space, optimizing picker productivity and operational efficiency. It may also be beneficial to use dedicated flow lines or conveyors for a continuous supply of high-volume products.

Being familiar with the needs of e-commerce companies our team for your particcan help you determine the best e-commerce warehouse racking system ular space and product mix.